All this money...and no job

Only 55% of graduating college students land a full time job within 6 months of graduation. 

I bet most of those that did get hired full time end up hating their jobs.  It's crazy; you spend a fortune paying for college to end up dreading going to work. 

 It doesn't have to be this way.

I've had jobs that I dreaded (like this one), and I've had jobs that I loved (like being the VP of Sales @  

So how do you get a job that you love?  Well, you could start your own business.  That's a great way to create your ideal job.  But if you don't want to start a company, there is a proven way to find great work that gets you excited to get out of bed.

You just have to take control because the best jobs are rarely promoted on the Internet.  One study claims that 70% of jobs are never posted online.  My personal experience supports that claim.

Here take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Let's go through some of my jobs.

  • Inside Sales @ Mintel.  This job sucked so much that I didn't even put it on LinkedIn. It was my first job in Chicago after graduating from UD.  I got the job after begging my best friend (who was a headhunter) to get me a job.
  • Account Executive @ ESPN Radio.  This was my first dream job.  I landed this job after cold calling the radio station and asking to speak with a "junior sales rep."  The girl that answered the phone said "we don't have someone here with that title, but my boss just said we're going to create that position."  
  • International Basketball Scout.  Dream job #2.   I emailed and called any American I could find that was working in sports in Europe.  I finally connected with Rich Sheubrooks and convinced him to hire me as an assistant.  
  • VP Sales @  Dream job #3.  I wanted to start my own business but didn't have a great idea.  So I started networking to try to find someone creating a cool business in Chicago.  This was before Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and the iPhone.  I ended up meeting this guy and this guy and convinced them that I could build a sales department.  It worked out for all of us.  That company is now worth more than $2b.  

Have you caught the common theme here?  NETWORKING.

I landed all of my dream jobs by proactively networking with the right people in my chosen industry.  By doing this, I got access to jobs that weren't posted online.  I essentially created each of my dream jobs.

You can do this too.

All you have to do is have an idea of what you want to do and where you want to work.  Then you start networking.  You can find almost anyone online and email or call them.

Does that sound scary?  Well it is when you're first getting started.  I remember sweating bullets each time I would reach out to someone cold for the first time.  

Since I know how intimidating networking can be...and how incredibly important it is for landing a great job, I've decided to test a service where I help you network.  Check it out here

All you have to do is tell me where you want to work.  I'll then find the right person for you to talk to at that company.  I'll try to coordinate an "informational interview" where you can learn from the company insider.  If you're able to make a good impression with the company insider, it's highly likely that person will help you get a formal interview.  They might even tell you about jobs that aren't posted publicly.  

Fill out this form here and we'll test whether or not my networking service will work.

If you take me up on this offer, I suggest asking these 3 questions in your informational interview with the company insider.

1.     I looked at your LinkedIn profile and I'm impressed.  How were you able to land this job at XYZ company?  

2.     What advice do you wish you would have gotten when you were in my shoes? 

3.     What would I need to do to land a job at XYZ company?  I'm willing to do anything.

I've used variations of those three questions in most of the networking I've done over the last 20 years.  Those questions have opened doors I never would have imagined were possible.  I mean how else could a kid from podunk Ohio get to rub elbows with NBA legends and Silicon Valley Elite?


Click here and let's see if this networking service will help you do what I did, but faster.