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Land an informational phone interview with someone that already works where you want to work. 
Gather interview advice from a company insider.  Get referred to hiring managers.

What You'll Get!

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  1. informational interviews

    • You tell us where you want to work.
    • We'll help you secure an informational interview with a current employee.
    • We do all the legwork and connect you with the right person.
  2. Insights from insiders

    • 70% of jobs are never posted online.  Our insiders can provide access to jobs nobody knows about online.
    • Learn how to land a job at your dream company straight from someone that works there.
  3. Everyone benefits

    • Most companies offer current employees bonuses for referring their friends for employment.
    • If you impress the company insider, they'll be motivated to refer you to the hiring manager and put in a good word.
    • You get hired.  They get a referral bonus.  Everyone wins.

This is a great service. As a recent grad, I don’t know a lot of people and my experience is pretty limited. Plus I’m not that great at networking. Workspotting connected me with someone that already had the job I wanted. She gave me all kinds of tips on how to get a job there. It worked.
— John @ Illinois State University

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